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MatchPoint 4.0.9 Released
05. Oct
by Markus Lindenmann Category:

Last friday new versions of MatchPoint and MatchPoint Snow have been released. This blog post offers an overview of the new features and fixes introduced with MatchPoint version 4.0.9 for SharePoint 2013. To find more information on the new release of MatchPoint Snow, please refer to the corresponding blog post.

Content Enrichment Web Service

MatchPoint 4.0.9 comes with some changes in the Content Enrichment Web Service (CEWS). The managed property MATCHPOINTTAGS is no longer splitted in place, but mapped on a new managed property called MATCHPOINTTAGREFINERS. This managed property can be created using the newly introduced PowerShell CmdLet Add-MPCcontentEnrichmentManagedProperties.

Refinement WebParts which require that MatchPoint tags are splitted need to be reconfigured by setting UseContentEnrichmentWebService to true in the TagSettings of the NativeRefinementSettings node.

Also, if your solution directly or indirectly extends BaseRefinementColumn be sure to override

void AddRefinerDescriptors(List<RefinerDescriptor> descriptors,
                           NativeRefinementSettings nativeSettings)

instead of

void AddRefinerDescriptors(List<RefinerDescriptor> descriptors)

If your solution directly or indirectly extends BaseRefinementGroup be sure to override

IEnumerable<RefinerDescriptor> GetRefinerDescriptors(NativeRefinementSettings nativeSettings)

instead of

IEnumerable<RefinerDescriptor> GetRefinerDescriptors()

XRANK support in Search Data Provider

The Search Data Provider provides a new configuration node, where XRANK parameters can be set. This supports advanced sorting of search results based on rank conditions. For further details please refer to the XRANK section in the KQL specification.

Support of host-named site collections

Workspaces can now be created as host-named site collections. This can be configured in the workspace template configuration. For further details on host-named site collections please refer to this technet entry.

Page size selector stores user settings in cookies

The page size is now stored in cookies to allow users to keep their settings across requests.

Additional Changes

  • The refinement uses the refinement token and builds refinement conditions (before the refinement just built normal conditions)
  • When creating host-named workspaces or when creating workspaces in a specific content database it's possible to specify a "RunAs"-configuration. This configuration is needed if the app-pool user of your web application does not have enough permissions to create new site collections. These additional permissions are needed because the "Self site creation" does not work with these two features
  • It's now also possible to use the MatchPoint UserLoader by just specifying a list item URL and a list item field which contains user information
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

A complete list of all changes can be found in the release notes document.


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