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MatchPoint 4.0.10 Released
16. Dec
by Markus Lindenmann Category:

On Monday new versions of MatchPoint and MatchPoint Snow have been released. This blog post offers an overview of the new features and fixes introduced with MatchPoint version 4.0.10 for SharePoint 2013. To find more information on the new release of MatchPoint Snow, please refer to the corresponding blog post.

MatchPoint Tags in SharePoint Search Centers

As of this version, MatchPoint has a feature that enriches SharePoint Search Centers with MatchPoint Tags:
- An item's Tags are shown in the callout
- It is possible to search by tags
- It is possible to refine by tags

To get an impression of all three features, please refer to the following screenshot:

The refiner can be configured changing the properties of the SharePoint Filter Web Part and by changing the Filter_MPTags.html-file, deployed to the Display Templates folder. Configuration options by now e.g. include the definition of several tag groups. A prerequisite to use this feature is the installation of the MatchPoint Content Enrichment Web Service, which allows the extraction of tag refiners and tag names as part of the index.

This integration is based on SharePoint display templates that can be deployed using a feature and referenced using a CmdLet provided as part of MatchPoint 4.0.10.

For detailed instructions on how to use this feature, please refer to the chapter "Additional Installation Steps" in the Installation Guide provided as part of the installation package or in the online documentation.

Refinement: Boolean values are displayed as "Yes" / "No"

We slightly adjusted how we display boolean-values in the refinement. If the value, which the refinement retrieves from SharePoint is a boolean-value we will display it by default as "Yes" / "No" (language dependent). Also if you have a Composite Refinement Web Part and you explicitly choose Bool as the FieldType we try to convert the value to a boolean and then apply the same label as described above.

Note that there are still cases where boolean-values are displayed as 1 or `0 - the reason is that within the refinement we cannot decide if the type of the value is actually a boolean or an int and therefore cannot automatically set the correct label.

However you can always define the labels by yourself (in both refinements!). In the Composite Refinement Web Part you can just write what ever you wish in the "RowTemplate" (e.g. DataItem == "1" : "Yes" : "No") and in the Refinement Web Part you can use the "RefinerDisplayNameExpression" (e.g. RefinerValue == "1" : "Yes" : "No").

The Data Grid and the Search Result Web Part now shows previews for images in the callout

Images displayed in Data Grids were missing a preview in former versions of MatchPoint. This is now implemented as of this version of MatchPoint. To get an impression, refer to the following screenshot:


Form Web Part now supports specification of choices for RoleField and PersonField

Role and Person Fields can now be configured with an IdentityChoiceProvider and an IdentityExpressionChoiceProvider. The IdentityChoiceProvider provides configuration options, available in previous releases of MatchPoint. Existing configurations are automatically converted to this new format.

The IdentityExpressionChoiceProvider has some new configuration options, allowing to configure static choices and expressions returning user objects. Both options are shown in the following two screenshots.

An expression can be filtered by the string that the user enters by using the SearchText variable and limited by using the RowLimit variable.

Additional Changes

  • Introduce OnDemand loading mode for web parts that provide lazy loading option
  • Provisioning now provides an option to disable features in the FeatureDefinition node
  • Search Data Provider now supports "Trim Duplicates"
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

A complete list of all changes can be found in the release notes document.


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