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MatchPoint Snow 1.0.11 / 2.0.1 Released
03. Oct
by Markus Lindenmann Category:

On monday new versions of MatchPoint and MatchPoint Snow have been released. This blog post offers an overview of the key features and fixes introduced with MatchPoint Snow 1.0.11 / 2.0.1. To find more information on the new release of MatchPoint, please refer to the corresponding blog post.

Carousel Layout Transformer

The new versions of MatchPoint Snow come with a new Composite Web Part Transformer, namely the Carousel Transformer:

For further details please refer to this blog post.

Improvements in file import functionality

In the file import functionality we made several improvements regarding the rules and the reports as well as some bug fixes. The file import functionality is described in detail in this blog post.

Improvements in mobile view

The current release comes with multiple improvements and bug fixes in the mobile view, including:

  • Scrolling in workspace creator
  • Accessability of workspace governance
  • Scrollable navigation in workspaces
  • Improved Organization view in the People section
  • Improved recycle bin page layout
  • Snow is now scrollable in all three columns
  • Portal's "My Content" section is visible in mobile view

Additional Changes

  • Double click on search field in top navigation (Quick Search) is not navigating to the Advanced Search
  • Announcements are included in Quick Search
  • Improved workspace tile layout
  • Improved exception handling in weather widget
  • Correctly themed images in Search Definition Web Part
  • Correct behavior of scrollbars in workspace selector after paging
  • Apps page is accessible when there are no Apps and Snowflakes
  • Correct overflow behavior in right panel

For a complete list of all changes please refer to the release notes document.


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