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MatchPoint 4.1.0/5.1.0 and MatchPoint Snow 1.1.0/2.1.0 released
29. Dec
by Markus Doggweiler Category:

Just before Christmas new versions of MatchPoint and MatchPoint Snow have been released. This blog post gives a short overview of the most important new features, fixes and improvements.

Changes in the versioning

Please note that as of these versions we unified the version numbers to be more concise between MatchPoint and MatchPoint Snow. The second digit in the version numbers for MatchPoint and the corresponding MatchPoint Snow version always match. For example, MatchPoint version 4.1.0 for SharePoint 2013 matches with MatchPoint Snow version 1.1.0.

Important changes by product



  • Add image scaling functionality implemented as an HTTP handler. We released a blog post that gives some more information on this feature.
  • Add possibility to configure the name (URL segment) of a created list in the ProvisioningConfiguration.
  • For SharePoint 2016 we now support remote provisioning (with or without MatchPoint workspaces). This will also be addressed in an own blog post that will be published soon.

Fixes and improvements

  • Form Web Part (exception when form is displayed in dialog and now “Cancel” button is configured)
  • Search Data Provider (performance issues with concurrent requests and non-existing managed properties)
  • WorkspaceTemplateConfiguration/SiteCollectionSettings (prevent workspaces from being created in the wrong content database when specifying ContentDatabase)
  • As well fixes in MPSContextFaker, the expression engine and the RefinementHierarchicalChoiceRenderer

MatchPoint Snow


  • The "File Import"-contextual action is now configurable.
  • Add a cropping functionality when uploading the workspace logo. Additionally, the workspace logo always uses the same file name in the site assets library.
  • Apps are now indexed and searchable (i.e. in the advanced search callout as well as the advanced search).
  • The advanced search callout only displays the content type's column, if results are actually found.
  • We make use of the newly introduced image scaler functionality from MatchPoint in the Picture Overview (in Contents) as well as the workspace overview and the workspace Logo within the workspace.
  • Add support for users without a My Site.
  • Improvements for the FullItemTemplateControl (MPSnow.Control.ItemTemplate.Full):
    • Exposes a UserNames property of type string array enabling multiple users to be rendered
    • Supports VisibilityExpressions for social actions

Fixes and improvements

  • The notification list is only created if the user has a My Site.
  • The tiles displayed by the TileLayoutTransformer always use the full width of the available space.

This is the list of changes. For a complete list of all changes, please refer to the release documentation for both products.

14.03.2018 02:05
Hi Markus
We I use the config for SiteCollectionSettings/ContentDatabase the new sitecollection was not created: Access Denied
That happens when I select one ContentDatabase, many ContentDatabases or non (All).

-> Workaround is to remove the ContentDatabase XML Node from Config file

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09.04.2018 01:12
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Hi Markus
We I use the config for SiteCollectionSe... | Goto Post
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04.10.2017 09:15
Hello Reiner,
Thanks for pointing out the missing ... | Goto Post
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