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MatchPoint Guardtime KSI
09. Nov
by Sergiu Murariu Category:

With the release of MatchPoint 4.4.0 / 5.4.0 we are excited to introduce you the MatchPoint Guardtime KSI extension. This solution provides a new functionality which allows users to sign documents inside SharePoint document libraries in order to certify and secure authenticity using blockchain technology.

Enabling signatures functionality

In order to enable the signatures functionality, the MatchPoint GuardTime KSI feature must be activated at site collection level. This makes the functionality available across all document libraries in that site collection.

To enable signatures on a document library, a ribbon action Edit signature settings is provided for users with ManageList permissions.

Enable signing

Enable signing

The ribbon action opens a modal dialog on which you can enable/disable signatures.

For the 2016 version you also have the ability on this form to disable/enable the Promotion and Demotion feature. The Promotion and Demotion feature has an impact on when the document signature is invalidated. If enabled, fields from the item are synchronized to the content of the document, thus making it invalid.

You can learn more about Promotion and Demotion feature here.

Signing documents and statuses

Once signatures are enabled on a document library, a new Signature field is added to the default view. The signature field displays different states of a document:

  • Not signed document – gray circle
  • Signed document (authentic) – green circle
  • Not authentic document, modified after being signed – red circle
  • In case of error when a signature is checked or created – yellow triangle

Sign document

A document can be signed inside the list view using Sign this document ribbon action. This action is available for users with at least SharePoint permission level Edit(higher than Contribute).If clicked the signature status is automatically updated.

Configuring metadata settings

MatchPoint GuardTime KSI provides the possibility of configuring additional metadata to be considered when signing a document and validating signatures, besides the content of the document.

The metadata is defined as fields on the document library. All information in the specified fields will be included in the signature as metadata of the document. Any changes in the metadata fields will invalidate the signature.

In order to configure additional document metadata, you need MP administrator permissions.

Metadata settings

To configure additional document metadata open Guardtime KSI Configuration and add a new MetadataSettings node.

In the newly added MetadataSettings you can set the following parameters:

  • Url: any document that will match the specified Url will be considered as a match and the specified metadata will be included in the signature.
  • ContentType: any document that will match the specified ContentType will be considered as a match and the specified metadata will be included in the signature.
  • Tag: any document that has the specified tag will be considered as a match and the specified metadata will be included in the signature.
  • Recursive: checking this option will take into consideration all descendants of the specified Tag as well.
  • Expression: if the specified expression evaluates to a true boolean value, the document will be considered as a match and the specified metadata will be included in the signature.
  • Additional fields: here you specify the internal names of the fields you want to consider as relevant metadata to be included in the signature. For every single field, you need to specify its internal name in a new row.

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