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Basics: How to use the Form Web Part to edit a SharePoint List Item
26. Sep
by Arne Category:

It is very easy to use the Form Web Part to create and edit SharePoint List Items. The reason you would do this is if you want to take advantage of the rich feature set of the MatchPoint Form Web Part:

  • type ahead picker control for better user experience
  • sections to give your form more structure and enhance usability
  • visibility conditions for fields
  • regular expressions for field validiation

In this example, i'll show how to replace the default edit form of a SharePoint List Item with a MatchPoint Form Web Part.

Step 1:

Choose the Default Edit Form of your SharePoint List.

Step 2:

Close the the default edit form. Do not delete it!

Step 3:

Place the MatchPoint Form Web Part on the SharePoint List Item Default Edit Form.

Step 4:

Configure the MatchPoint Form Web Part with the List Data Adapter.

You can use this configuration with the SharePoint out of the box task list.

Step 5:

Use it.

This is a very basic sample of the use of the MatchPoint Form Web Part for SharePoint List Items. The use of model choice fields, composite fields, tag fields or term fields allow you to cover highly sofisticated scenarios with SharePoint lists and the MatchPoint Form Web Part. It's up to you.

06.07.2012 03:18
Apparently it does not support "New" forms for libraries.

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