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11. Dec
by Sophie Lutz Category:

Senior Software Developer .NET

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This blog is about technical and non-technical aspects of the product MatchPoint and other SharePoint topics.

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June 2015 (3)
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Markus Lindenmann
08.04.2016 05:34
The release notes for MatchPoint and MatchPoint Sn... | Goto Post
Sandra Perz
08.04.2016 03:43
Do you provide a download of the release notes som... | Goto Post
07.04.2015 08:57
Hi Tobias,
I works just fine. I overlooked the lin... | Goto Post
Tobias Pfanner
07.04.2015 08:53
Hello Reiner
I tried the download using a 'regular... | Goto Post
02.04.2015 11:08
When I have a look at the download page for the de... | Goto Post